Our Obsession

Bean to bar means that we do every part of the process in-house, from hand sorting the dry fermented beans when they arrive at the factory  to packaging the finished bars. Why is that important? We believe it gives us the unique opportunity to have control at every point in crafting our fine chocolates. With that control comes great responsibility, which we take to heart. In our obsession with quality, we seek integrity in our products by carefully considering how each step in our processing is done and how it will affect the finished product. There are many choices to be made along the way: from the types of machinery we use, to how we use them in order to bring out the unique flavors in our cacao.

Furthermore, we are strong believers that producing something by hand, with attention, is a greater act than the sum of its parts. The culmination of these elements, we believe, comes out in the experience of enjoying our chocolates. We think you'll agree