Our newest project is a bar from La Masica farm in Department of Atlantida, Honduras. It's a lowland farm at about 100' ASL located on the northern coast of Honduras, and operated by FHIA, a non-profit agricultural organization. The farm primarily functions as a gene bank and research center with some small commercial production. Dan O'Doherty, a cacao expert out of Hawaii, has begun collaborating with La Masica on post-harvest processing techniques to drastically improve their cacao from something that with serious defects which sold at only slightly above market price to something truly world-class which now demands a high premium. When he sent us samples of the results, we were elated; the quality of the processing is far above almost anything we've seen. We taste citrus rind, mango, spices, and very clean acidity. It's really good.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar

no nuts, dairy, soy or wheat

Weight: 60 grams / 2.21 ounces

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